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Sarah Al Rashed Design Studio

Sarah Al Rashed Design Studio “SRDS” is a young Saudi Interior Design Architect born with passion for Interior Design founded in 2014 which services the Saudi Private Clientele.

SRDS works creatively and fashionably to create bold & contemporary designs that make WOW our customers. We are looking to be intelligent, dynamic and infused with passion and creativity in our designs.

Each project for SRDS was given a unique name representing the story behind the designs used. SRDS hold Residential or Commercial projects and undertake them from Conception to Completion with the best design solution possible in a time, quality and budget manner satisfying our costumers.

We have recently completed projects in Dhabab District, Hitteen Area, Olaya District and Al-Nakheel District.

SRDS is proud to extend its brand through carefully chosen collaborations from all around the world.


Sarah Al Rashed Design Studio


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